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About Us

LifeWell South is a faith-based service centre of Enfield & Trinity Baptist Churches which aims to help people live life well through access to high quality care and recovery services for the whole Person (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual realms) delivered on an individual or small group model.

Through an integrated service approach, LifeWell enables people to grow and change in an atmosphere of care and acceptance. Our aim is to give quality service to all our people regardless of their beliefs and values. We endeavour to bring wholeness to people’s lives and to help them to live well.

To book an appointment call us on (08) 8277 2241, for all other enquiries use the contact form below.

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Please note: The use of the term "practitioner" does not imply registered health practitioners.

Our Services


Individuals, Couples and Families. LifeWell Counselling is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care and is available for individuals, couples, families and children.

Massage Therapy

LifeWell Massage is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care. 

Professional Supervision

Individuals and Groups.

Clinical Nutrition Assessment and Support

LifeWell Nutrition offers a holistic approach for living life well.

Groups - Careforce Lifekeys Programs

These are being developed here at LifeWell South, some of the courses we anticipate we will be delivering are listed below. Please email if you're interested and we will aim to run the course.

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Our Care Practitioners

Sally Bennie


Master of Counselling Practice; Graduate Diploma in Ministry; Bachelor of Theology. Clinical Registration with both CCAA & PACFA. Secure online sessions are available.

Sally is a warm and empathic person who brings a wealth of life and work experience to her counselling practice enhanced by her previous careers in nursing, ministry and community services. She has worked across several Australian states in urban and remote settings, and has enjoyed travelling in a number of countries which have only enhanced her understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual. Sally values walking alongside people as a catalyst for change to see them fulfil their goals and develop skills towards living a full and meaningful life. She provides a safe place for clients to explore life's challenges which may include grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression or relationship issues. Sally also has a passion and interest in spirituality and values a holistic approach to life and practice. All enquiries are most welcome.

Mobile: 0416 157 005


  • $80 per hour
  • Low income/student rate available
  • Health Fund Rebates may be available

Nadya Prohoroff


Adv Dip Counselling & Family Therapy, MACA

Nadya supports and encourages individuals and families in finding a way forward during challenging times, providing understanding, insight and possibilities for positive change. Her calm and gentle manner goes a long way towards helping others to steadily work towards greater peace and fulfilment in life.

Nadya has run her own professional counselling practice since 2008. She has resided in several Australian states in both city and regional areas. This has provided her with the opportunity and experience of working with a wide variety of families, situations and individuals, including many with chronic conditions.

Having a good deal of life experience has provided Nadya with a true appreciation and understanding of where people are at and where they hope to go.

Mobile: 0427 072 504


  • $70 per hour
  • Low income/student rate available

Rob Salmon


BACC, Masters of Counselling, CCAA (Clinical & Supervisor, PACFA & ARCAP Clin. Reg.)

Rob is well respected for his relational style and multi-faceted abilities in the workplace. Rob has run his own counselling practice since 2003 working for several years at Life Design Counselling at Goodwood, before moving to set up the LifeWell South Wellness Centre at St Marys and now at Clovelly Park.

Coming from a dysfunctional family of origin, Rob has used his own journey to help develop a greater understanding of the issues facing people today. He has extensive experience working a range of people in both individual and group settings providing insight and tools for change. Rob is a facilitator of the Prepare/Enrichment Marriage course.

As a senior care practitioner he is a qualified supervisor who works with both students and qualified counsellors in either individual or group sessions.

Mobile: 0409 897 977


  • $110 per hour
  • $125 after hours (after 5pm)
  • Low income/student rate available

Click here to download intake form.

Daniel Sin


Psychotherapist, BA Psch, Grad Dip Coun & Psychotherapy, Adv DDP

Daniel’s approach to life as well as therapy has evolved from his experiences having grown up in three countries. Although no struggle is the same between one individual and another, he believes we share a common pain that is both deep and universal, despite the circumstances. His purpose is to support anyone who seeks strength and courage, not only to survive hurt and fear but also to thrive and find joy so that everyone can learn to grow in power, love and a sound mind.

Daniel works with a therapy dog called Chip whose hair does not shed. Please let Daniel know in advance if anyone attending counselling is afraid of or allergic to dogs.

Call 0423 131 372 and speak with Sarah to enquire about rates or book appointments.

Nathan Adams


Graduate Diploma of Counselling & Integrated Psychotherapy; Advanced Diploma of Counselling & Family Therapy; Diploma of Counselling; Diploma of Ministry

Nathan is a qualified professional counsellor who is passionate about seeing people overcome obstacles in their lives while growing in resilience and into their potential. Nathan has a warm, people centered, trauma informed approached, with strong active listening and empathy skills. He is eager to see people being understood and connected to the right support and resources. Four years of studying counselling and psychotherapy has provided him with a good framework for understanding mental health and a range of therapeutic approaches.

Mobile: 0429 585 774


  • 1 hour appointment $85 (concession rates apply)
  • Note: Initial session is a 1.5 hour appointment and costs $120.

Sharyn Harding

Clinical Nutritionist

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine); Registered member of the Australian
Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Sharyn takes a holistic approach in the prevention and management of all acute and chronic health conditions. She has a passion for helping people achieve optimal outcomes for their health and well-being and uses dietary, lifestyle and nutritional interventions to address a wide range of complex health problems (including autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal issues, stress/fatigue, mood disorders, reproductive issues, allergies etc)

An initial consultation (90 minutes) includes a comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle and family history and how these may be impacting your health and well-being. This assessment also takes into consideration current diagnoses, test results and medications. This is all incorporated into an individualised and evidence-based treatment plan which may include dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation recommendations. Private pathology testing is also available. Follow-up appointments (60 minutes) are made according to an individual’s need.

If you would like support with any health issue, book an appointment with Sharyn today and start on your journey to improved health and wellness.

Mobile: 0404 432 850


  • Initial consult – $225
  • Second consult – $185
  • Follow-up consults – $125
  • Fees include a detailed treatment plan which is prepared and emailed to you, post-appointment.

More to come

LifeWell is continually looking for resources and courses that allow people to "Live Life Well".

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